Greg Valentino - World's Biggest Biceps

Greg Valentino has the world's biggest biceps! Greg Valentino has been bodybuilding since the age of 14. One day Greg Valentino said to himself "Well I'm not going to get any taller so I'm going to get wider". That's when Greg started out his quest for the biggest bicep muscles in the world. Greg Valentino has been working his huge bicep muscle for over 30 years now! So how much can Greg bicep curl? A whopping 300 pounds!

The last measurement of Greg Valentino's arms put them at over 28 inches...and still growing! Greg trains heavy. Not only does he focus on his biceps and triceps but he can bench 550lbs on a decline. Greg Valentino is certainly a strong man all over. Obviously Greg has been taking steriods for quite some time. He admits this in his regular column in the Muscle development magazine. His column is called "Ramblin Freak, the biggest bicep muscles in the world".

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---------- Greg Valentino's Stats & Bio ----------

Greg Valentino...

Arm size:
Chest Size:
Favorite Food:
Marital Status:
Life Motto:

28+ inches (COLD)
58 inches
250lbs (off season)
August, 1960
New York
Steak & Italian
Live for today.

---------- Greg Valentino Photo Gallery ----------

Greg Valentino as a teenager (ages 14 and 17)

Greg Valentino 14 years old Greg Valentino 17 years old

Greg Valentino before he started taking steriods age 23

Greg Valentino before steriods Greg Valentino before steriods

Greg's bicep blowout - serious injury and surgery

Greg Valentino's bicep blowout Greg Valentino's bicep blowout

Greg Valentino as we know him 2001 onwards

Greg Valentino Pic 1

Greg Valentino Pic 2

Greg Valentino Pic 1

Greg Valentino Pic 2

Greg Valentino Pic 1

Greg Valentino Pic 2

Greg Valentino Pic 1

Greg Valentino Pic 2

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